Woman reveals reason she was dress-coded at Disney – and it wasn’t her sexy leather corset that was the problem | The Sun

WE'VE all heard of people being asked to cover up at Walt Disney World if they are deemed to be wearing something "inappropriate".

But one woman was left shocked when she was dress-coded at the world-famous theme park – and it wasn't down to the sexy leather corset she was wearing.

Instead, it was actually because the train of her skirt was dragging along the floor.

In the Walt Disney World official guidelines, it says that "clothing that touches or drags on the ground" is banned.

"Make sure your cape or dress isn't dragging on the ground," the woman wrote over the top of the video.

"And enjoy your Disney day)."

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However, instead of having to go home and get changed, the Southern Disney Belle was helped out by an employee (also known as a cast member) at the park.

Grabbing a safety pin, the cast member managed to pin up the centre part of the skirt – giving it a bustled-type effect.

People were quick to comment on the TikTok video, with one writing: "Why was u dress coded?

"When I went to Disney there was people in a lot worse stuff than that and nothing happened."

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"Because this is a hazard, if somebody steps on her dress and she falls she can sue Disney," another replied.

"One word, ride safety hazard," someone else commented.

And others insisted the park employee had actually improved the look of the skirt by the way she pinned it.

"The way the CM pinned it to make it look purposeful in the way it drapes? So slay," one praised.

"Ngl they kinda made it better," another added.

As a third said: "Omg you look amazing, it slays when it’s bustled!"

"Ahh this was me pinning you!" someone else commented.

To which the woman replied: "Thank you so much!!!! CMs like you are what makes Disney great."

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