Woman mortified after ordering ASOS polka dot dress which is so small it barely covers her boobs

ONLINE shopping is always a minefield with sizes, styles and colours sometimes not exactly what you were expecting from the lovely model shots on the website.

One shopper got a shock when she bought a summer dress from clothes shopping mega-site ASOS.

The woman took to TikTok to highlight the issues she faced with her purchase.

She bought a pretty beige dress with a tulip skirt, waistband and puffy Bardot-style sleeves.

However, the lovely style didn't look as she expected as there was a very limited fabric allowance for the chest area.

The tiny designated-boob space didn't pose a problem for the model, but TikToker hanvfs needed rather more material to maintain her modesty.

On the short video, the woman can hardly be understood through her laughter.

She said: "I am literally crying right now.

"This is what I wanted ok. This is what I got!"

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