Woman convinced her late dog is trying to communicate with her and it’ll have you sobbing

A WOMAN received an emotional surprise from her recently deceased dog.

According to her, the dog, named Colt, expressed that he is still present through a balloon.

A video shared online started with the woman calling for Colt, followed by a “Happy Birthday” balloon floating over to her and touching her face. 

The woman immediately started crying and hugged the balloon.

The video then cut to multiple instances of the balloon floating to the woman along with past recordings of her with her dog when he was alive.

At another point in the video, another person, who seemed to be recording the video, asked Colt to bring her the balloon if he was really there. 

The balloon showed up right next to her.

The video ended with the second person sharing a sweet message with Colt.

“Hi Bud. I miss you so much,” she said.

“If this is you, I miss you so much.”

Coldplay’s Yellow played throughout the video, giving the video an extra sentimental feel. 

The dog owner explained more about the situation in the comment section, saying: “Originally, the balloon came into this room from a different one.

“I thought nothing of it until I went to leave the room and it bumped into me.”

Thousands of people agreed with the woman that the balloon was indeed Colt’s way of interacting with her.

“I work at a balloon store and this is not a normal movement for any deflating balloon … he’s definitely with you and sending his love,” one person shared.

“Full body chills,” another user wrote.

“That was definitely Colt letting you know he’s ok now.”

Several other people admitted they were crying over the video.

Pet psychics Laura Stinchfield and Brent Atwater confirmed to the New York Daily News that pets can visit from the afterlife. 

“Often your pet will come to you in spirit form to comfort you, and you many [sic] experience uncanny signs from a pet from the other side,” the report reads.

“You can hear the little noises they used to make, like barking, purring, their bowl rattling, or the noise their collar made. 

“You can have dreams in which the animal appears to communicate something, objects can cross your path which relate specifically to your deceased pet, your pet's name may show up in unusual ways, and much more.”

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