Woman, 28, sheds an incredible 4 stone WITHOUT going to the gym – and eating more than before

But one super-fit dieter has proved that you can totally transform your body from the comfort of your living room – no gym equipment required.

Lucy Lismore, 28, lost a staggering 4st 7lbs in just ten months without stepping foot in a gym and says that she eats more now than ever.

The Melbourne-based medical administrator told the Mail that at her heaviest, her weight affected her self-esteem every day.

"I started to believe I would always have to feel this way because I just didn't know how to change anything," she said.

When she was at her heaviest, Lucy was eating what most people would consider to be a healthy diet.

She existed off home-cooked meals with lots of veggies, as well as "healthy" snacks. And, she says, she was physically active day to day but had no strict exercise or fitness regime.

Breakfast would consist of a muffin or croissant, washed down with a large, sugary coffee. She'd then have an orange juice and muesli bar for her elevenses, and sushi for lunch.

Everything changed, however, when she watched a weight loss transformation show and was amazed at how different everyone looked.

"That was the turning point. I started researching about nutrition and exercise and changed my lifestyle from that day onwards," she said.

"I had no doubts in my mind, I was determined to change my ways and in doing so found something I absolutely love – calisthenics!"

Calisthetics is a form of gymnastic exercises that focus on minimal equipment and body weight.

Today, her diet is more balanced out with foods guaranteed to give her sustained energy.

But it's the exercise that has really changed her life; she says that calisthetics is one of the most enjoyable things in her life. Since finding a form of exercise that works for her, she says that her confidence has skyrocketed.

"I weighed 90kg, thought I was eating healthy and didn’t even know how to get started with exercise! It was a confusing time full of conflicting information about what diet you should eat and what exercise you should perform!" she writes on her Instagram.

"After losing 30kgs it’s clear to me now that to lose fat it boils down to three key changes: eat less, move more, be consistent.

"That’s it – that’s the formula to lose fat. Forget all the other information you are overloaded with, because it all in essence is based on the same three principles."

Today she goes to the gym three times a week but that's only something that's come about since losing the weight.

"I lost all of the weight before even stepping foot in a gym because I was too scared!" she said.

Body weight exercises, however, require no gym or equipment and can be done in the smallest of spaces.

And when she's not at the gym, she makes sure that she's being as active as possible – walking everywhere, standing up as much as she can or being outside.

"It’s not about completely restricting your food intake, just simply eat fewer calories – however if you want to eat in volume, choosing more nutrient dense, fibre rich foods will be much more beneficial that foods with lots of saturated fats and sugar, as well as better for your overall health.

"With regards to exercise there is a huge variety of options available and I guarantee you will find some form of movement which you truely enjoy and that enriches your life.

"I lost nearly all of the weight I lost without ever stepping foot in a gym (the idea petrified me)! –

"Above all consistency is the ultimate key to losing fat. Ignore the naysayers, ignore the plateaus and constant monitoring and it will happen! I promise!

"Finally the reason I am so passionate about this topic and meeting people like me is not because losing weight makes you look better and feel better about yourself necessarily – because quite frankly I still have many days I feel exactly the same.

"However, through this journey I have found something that has added so much happiness, learning and strength to my life and that is the exercise I do every day and the people I meet through it!"

Her top weight loss tip? Focus on yourself and keep it simple.

"Enjoy what you do and you will reap the rewards, eat well because you love your body and exercise consistently because it makes you strong, happy and feel amazing

"I know how overwhelming all of the information out there can be, how daunting it can be to start, and the roadblocks throughout but it is possible and enjoyable."

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