Which US president do you see first in this image after five seconds? Optical illusion reveals if you may need glasses | The Sun

WHICH US president you see first in this optical illusion after five seconds my indicate if you need to wear glasses.

The creator of the image claims people can see two former presidents in the image, based on their vision and perception.

But do you see President Barack Obama or President Abraham Lincoln first? Depending on which one you spot initially could mean you need to get your eyes checked professionally.

The test was originally posted by CJ Edwards and is still proving to be hugely popular.


The users of spectacles or glasses on a regular basis are required to take them off first. 

Close your eyes and count out five Mississippis.

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Now open your eyes and just look at the picture.

Who do you see?

If you see President Obama then you’re vision is fine, it’s said. You’re not short-sighted. As you were able to focus on the detailed lines making Obama’s face, you have normal vision, it’s stated.

Anyone who wears glasses for myopia, is asked to remove them and try looking, you most likely see President Lincoln.

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If you have normal vision, try moving the monitor or your phone away from you and Abraham Lincoln should appear.


It is all based on your vision.

The further away the screen is, the more difficult it is to focus on fine details like lines.

So a person would only see President Lincoln.

This will also happen if you make the picture smaller as you won’t be able to see the fine lines.

If you do see President Lincoln first, don’t worry as it only means you may be a little near sighted and are advised to get your eyes properly examined.

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