What you see first in this optical illusion will reveal whether you're good at giving advice or not | The Sun

OPTICAL illusions are fun personality tests, and some psychologists even say they can be used to figure out how a person's brain works.

One illusion can even determine whether or not a person is good at giving advice.

This particular image looks different for different people.

Some viewers see a woman looking ahead at you, while others see a man playing the saxophone.

Advice giving comes from either the right or left side of the brain, which means the type of advice you give is determined by the part of the brain you utilize most.

If you see a woman's face in this illusion, you are right-brained.

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Right-brained people tend to be more creative, and have a higher level of emotional intelligence.

They are also highly intuitive and able to give advice based on gut feelings.

Right-brained people are also imaginative, which lets them think about and see several outcomes before they happen.

If you are right-brained, you are likely to give advice based on emotions and a gut reaction.

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If you see the man playing the saxophone, you are a left-brained thinker.

Left-brain thinkers are much more analytical and less intuitive.

They are prone to giving more thought-out, rational advice.

If you are a left-brained thinker, you are likely to give advice based on logic and a methodical system of thinking about outcomes.

Psychologists and psychiatrists often use brain teasers, like this one, to get into the minds of their patients and determine how they think.

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So, which image do you see?

If you enjoy brain teasers like this one, check out some more.

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