What you see first in this illusion could mean you’re in a dark place right now

THIS optical illusion is more than just a visual puzzle as whatever image you see first may reveal a lot about your personality.

Look carefully at the picture below and take not of what you see first as it may reveal whether you’re in a dark place right now.  

The tricky image posted on YouTube by Bright Side may seem obvious at first, but there are two different pictures you might notice.  

Whichever you see first exposes your current approach to life it, it claims.

Both are set to have definitive meanings.

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The crocodile

If you saw the crocodile first, then “you’re probably a pretty practical individual,” the video claims.

“Cautious and careful, you prefer to avoid any risk taking.

“From time to time, you concentrated more on the negative aspects of life instead of its bright sides.”

They conclude: “As soon as you learn to relax and enjoy life more, you’ll feels a lot better.”

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Boat with two people

However, if you noticed the boat with two people sailing along than river than “you’re an observant person, who has a good eye for detail,” the video claims.

“You notice everything that’s happening around you. Also your personality has a creative side.”

They conclude: “You can find a way out of any ambiguous situation.”

Meanwhile, another optical illusion reveals if you are lost in life right now or you know what you’re doing, depending on what you see first.

Some spot the people in the white robes first while others see the waterfall.

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Plus it’s claimed that only one per cent of people can read the word in this illusion.

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