What is the Manchester bee symbol and why did Ariana Grande and many others get bee tattoos after the arena attack?

But why are the insects a symbol of the city? And why were Ariana Grande and so many others getting the distinctive inking? Here’s the lowdown…

Why is the bee a symbol for Manchester?

The worker bee is an emblem for Manchester, symbolising the city’s hard-working past.

It was a hive of activity during the Industrial Revolution and workers were soon dubbed “busy bees”.

Seven bees are included in the crest of the city’s arms.

The insects are also dotted around Manchester’s streets, decorating the clock face of the Palace Hotel and the flooring at Manchester Town Hall.

Why have Mancunians been getting bee tattoos?

People have been getting bee tattoos to honour the victims of the devastating Manchester Arena bombing.

Ariana Grande, whose gig ended in such tragic scenes, joined the rest of the crew in getting the symbol inked as a reminder of their time in the city.

The attack led to 22 people being killed and about 60 people injured on Monday May 22, 2017, in what was the worst terror attack in the UK since 7/7.

A bomb exploded in the foyer moments after the US pop star left the stage and fans were making their way home.

Tattoo artist Sam Barber decided to come up with an idea of both paying tribute to Manchester by using the symbol and raising money for victims.

Sam opened up her tattoo parlour for a full day to offer the bee tattoos for £50, with all proceeds going to the families of victims of the bombing.

The idea spread, with tattoo artists over the UK offering the inking for charity.

Charlotte Campbell, the devastated mum of terror attack victim Olivia, 15, had a bee tattooed over her heart.

Manchester MP Jonathan Reynolds also braved the tattooist's chair.

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