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WHETHER you are reading tarot cards for yourself or you're having a reading done by a professional, you'll want to know what it means when the Knight of Pentacles tarot card comes out.

We've gathered all of the information on the card and what it means when it's pulled regarding love, money, or in a yes or no spread.

What does the Knight of Pentacles mean when pulled upright?

The Knights of the tarot represent hard work and responsibility.

While the Knight of Pentacles isn't exactly a fascinating character, pulling him in a reading can mean a lot about your energy in areas where you are called to be dedicated and responsible.

He can serve as a reminder that you need to stay on the path you've set.

He can represent that all of your hard work will pay off, and if you're questioning how much attention and time to put into a relationship or a project, the Knight of Pentacles is here to tell you: as much as you can.

What is the symbolism on the Knight of Pentacles tarot card?

The Knight is seen as a strong man sitting on a large plow horse.

The yellow background behind the Knight of Pentacles represents the bright ideas he's put into his future.

It also represents a morning sky, showing that he's up and working on his field, which indicates a set schedule leading to progress.

The fact that he's on a plow horse shows that he's ready to continue tending to the crops at his homestead; the fact that the horse is standing still (unlike those on other Knight's cards) represents that he is not planning on going anywhere fast.

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His presence is strong, represented by the oak leaves in his helmet.

What does the Knight of Pentacles card mean if pulled reversed?

If pulled in reverse, the more negative traits of the Knight of Pentacles may be present in your life or situation.

His stubbornness can be a good thing, assuming he's planned everything out and is following his routine.

However, pulling the reversed Knight of Pentacles can be a sign that you're in over your head.

It can also be a warning that you need to think before you leap.

What does the Knight of Pentacles card mean in love, money, and career?

In love:

The Knight of Pentacles is a good sign in a love reading if you're looking for steady and constant love.

This is a slow-growing love that may even start as a friendship.

If you're seeking a committed lover, you'll find them in the Knight of Pentacles, but do know that they may come across as closed-off emotionally.

In career and money:

In your job, the Knight of Pentacles is a welcome site.

His presence means you're on the road to seeing your hard work pay off as long as you are patient and have planned for everything.

In regards to money, the Knight of Pentacles is a reminder to save a little bit at a time to create your much larger fortune for the future.

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He's frugal and reminds you that taking a page from his book is a good idea.

In a yes-no reading:

In a yes or no tarot card reading, the Knight of Pentacles is a "yes," as long as you're willing to put in the work to back it up.

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