What are the best punny Halloween costumes for 2018? Easy pun costume ideas revealed

And if you're hoping to have more of a laugh with your look, a pun-tastic outfit might be your best bet.

When does Halloween fall this year?

Halloween is always on 31 October and falls today, Wednesday.

It is also referred to as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve.

What are the best pun Halloween costumes for men and women?

You could choose to be a party animal this year and we mean quite literally using party hats and animal masks.

Or how about a smart cookie?

Graduation hats or teacher costumes will work when paired with a pack of cookies or printed cut outs of cookies stuck onto your outfit.

A cereal killer is going to get a few laughs too.

Attach empty mini cereal packs on to a T shirt and add some fake blood and a plastic knife and you'll look the part.

You could also be the bread winner.

Own it by wearing a medal and holding a loaf of bread.

You might not be up for the award for most intricate costume, but it will bring a few smiles.

Alternatively, we all love avocados, so why not incorporate it into your Halloween look?

The saying holy guacamole will fit the bill.

Simply snap up a halo to bring out your angelic side and wear green.

Either hold real avocados or stick printed pictures of them on to your ensemble.

50 Shades of Grey is another fun option – it's also probably the cheapest too.

Dig out something grey from your wardrobe, then head to your nearest DIY or paint shop and grab all the grey colour charts you can find and stick them on.

You could alternatively assume the role of an identity thief.

Although there is nothing funny about stealing someone's identity, there is a lot to be said about a pun-tastic costume like this.

Dress up as a robber with a mask and sack and stick name tag stickers all over your outfit with names written on each.

What is available to buy to help create these punny Halloween costumes?

Party animal

  • Pack of 6 Wild Animal EVA Foam Masks, £2.78 at Amazon – buy now
  • 20 x party blowers, £2.35 at Amazon – buy now
  • Nuolux birthday party cone hats, £5.99 at Amazon – buy now
  • PrettyLittleThing yellow leopard print mini dress, £15 at Asos – buy now
  • New Look T-shirt with leopard fade print, £12.99 at Asos – buy now

Smart cookie

  • Biee unisex graduation costume, £10.99 at Amazon – buy now
  • Smiffys unisex teacher's gown, 19.87 at Amazon – buy now

Cereal killer

  • I Love Fancy Dress slasher knife, £2.99 at Amazon – buy now
  • ShopVIP fake blood x 3 tubes, £1.45 at Amazon – buy now

Bread winner

  • Partyrama Olympic gold medal x 12, 52p at Amazon – buy now

Identity thief

  • School Stickers 'My name is' stickers, £2.49 at Amazon – buy now
  • Funpa robber eye mask and swag bag, £10.98 at Amazon – buy now

50 Shades of Grey outfit

This one is the cheapest of the lot… it won't cost you a penny.

Just nip down to your nearest DIY store.

And you'll end up looking grey-t… groan!

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