What are beauty Christmas baubles, what's inside and where can I buy the make-up filled treats?

Luckily, cosmetic brands are going Christmas-crazy this 2018 and it seems there are even beauty product-filled baubles to snap up.

What are beauty Christmas baubles?

The baubles are like usual ones you can hang on your tree, but much better.

They are filled with fabulous beauty products and make a great present option.

The baubles array from costing as little as £6 and up to much higher prices such as £22.

But of course so do the quality of the products inside.

What's in the baubles?

Products inside vary from mascara to brushes and make-up sponges.

Mini perfume bottles are also on offer, as well as hair serums, hair bobbles and cleansers, depending on which one you plump for.

Where can I buy the make-up filled treats?

Whichever one you choose, you're sure to win over your beauty-obsessed companion this Christmas.

But they aren't the only playful bauble around, because this year's other must-have is the gin-filled bauble.


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