Weekly horoscope for November 7 – 13: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

Your Mercury and Mars mix carries a powerful charge of transformation power.

So dig out any scaling-up ideas you’ve shelved in the past few months, start living your dreams. 

It’s how you adapt to any circumstances that sets you apart. Love-wise, you don’t need to settle for less than you deserve. 

If you’re single, follow your instincts and reconnect with “X”.

DESTINY DAYS  Go-between skills are strong on Monday, so do step in
where it’s needed. Give — and receive — genuine compliments on Wednesday.  Make Friday your firm but fair day.

LUCKY LINKS   Friends with birthdays near Christmas. A clock that’s
stopped. Contests played in teams of three.

I CHING INSIGHT  Get ready to take off, and travel onwards and upwards
towards the life you deserve. This is the message of your symbol FLYING HIGH, which also reminds you that doubts are natural, and can be useful, because they keep you grounded. 

But it’s more important to start moving, than to map out every potential pitfall along the way. So take a deep breath, and go! This I Ching also suggests any recent distance between partners, whether physical or emotional, can end now. 

If you’re single, a frequent flier can get a boarding pass to your heart.


APR 21 – MAY 21

As Venus snuggles up in your sector of self-discovery, you are ready for love that teaches you more about yourself – and frees your heart to try new things. 

Yes, this can be the bond you already have. Or, if you’re single, the benefit of
getting closer to a quiet work colleague.

Confidence to seal a cash or property deal, comes via “M”. Jupiter adds prize power midweek.

DESTINY DAYS  Hear the same “R” song twice on Wednesday — it’s a sign
luck is close. A casual Friday chat can lead to a serious work offer. Family and friendship names remix in winning ways on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A vehicle with a striped roof. A family with three pets. 
A meeting in or near a hairdressing salon.

I CHING INSIGHT What is missing in your current life or love recipe? THE CAULDRON has some suggestions. At work, get ready to cut negative
talk and opinions out of your agenda. 

These may come from outside, or originate in your own head. Instead, talk with quiet confidence about your own abilities,  and your dreams. And accept it shows strength, not weakness, to admit you don’t always have all the answers. 

In love, too, time to call an end to emotional games.


MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Your career zone is not just getting hotter as Mars and Mercury team up, but it’s more rewarding too. Because you can stop pretending you’re happy with where you are, or where you’re going – and make a new personal map. 

In love, the way you really listen is a luxurious Venus gift.

Partners will respond by speaking some keywords. Even if you’ve only just met!

DESTINY DAYS  Let your eyes lead you to a destiny news story, on Tuesday.  Thursday, be the bigger person, at work and/or at home. Open your heart to a far-away friend on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS A TV show with a bearded host. A beauty product linked to
the East. Dance steps you learned as a child.

I CHING INSIGHT A quiet life is not always the right life — says the I
Ching  PEACE. Yes, two people hiding their true feelings, and fears,
may create a love bond that’s peaceful on the surface. 

But underneath, lurk uncertainty and doubts.  You can change this, by creating a love atmosphere that’s warm and accepting – of everything that makes people, and partners, unique. A path may sometimes be stormy when total truth
is your guide. But it will be worth it. 

Single? Eyes meet across a music audience.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

Your week begins with a series of strongly emotional moon connections – brilliant timing for repairing or reviewing all bonds in your life. Yes, love work can be daunting, but right now you have all the tools – so do make the time. 

If you’re single, this includes responding to a mystery message. You have creative imagination to spare – a slick new start-up is ready to use it.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday is your day to fit in some pure pampering.  Look at
work/life balance on Wednesday, and be honest with yourself.  Try “B”
food on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS A house by a bridge, or with a “Bridge” address.  A friend
who loves horror stories. Bright blue shoes.

I CHING INSIGHT  Sharing means caring, but is also a key marker of
success, according to your symbol, INCREASE. If you’re in a relationship, then do join in with a partner’s efforts to include you in a prize competition, or any form of pooling talent, perhaps to build a business. You won’t regret it. 

If you’re single, then someone who offers you something the very first time you meet — from food, to musical opinions, to travel advice —  can be someone you can share the rest of your life with.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

There’s something special about you this week, as Neptune makes you softer – even soppy! And being so in touch with your feelings opens your heart in some unexpected ways. 

A stalemate, at home or at work, can get moving again. And now pride works with you, instead of pushing you apart. Passion-wise, you’re ready for feel good love, and can keep things simple.

DESTINY DAYS  You are a make-it-happen dynamo on Monday. Use this! Let
much younger — or older — people find their own pace on Wednesday. A last-minute weekend time change wakes up luck.

LUCKY LINKS   A calendar of flowers.  The smell of baking bread. A sports team with blue in their kit.

I CHING INSIGHT  No more playing safe – you are ready to stand up and
say how you feel, what you want. And your symbol OPPOSITION is there to
help you through. 

Yes, you know your true views may shake, even shock, a partner, but you can both emerge from this stronger. So don’t hesitate. 

If you’re looking for someone new, this is a powerful I Ching of opposites attracting in a passion that’s challenging sometimes, but always so special. At work, too, you decide your own destiny, and speak for yourself.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

Having faith in your own ideas, and your ability to turn them real, is your chief chart positive this week. But you also have smart energy to switch levels, and speeds, in a heartbeat at work. You are one to watch! 

Power planets click in your chart of reaching out, and sincere words can go right to the heart of “P”.  A palm tree picture, or logo, can be lucky for you.

DESTINY DAYS  Wednesday and Thursday are top times to take an ongoing
cash issue in hand and set a deadline to solve it.  Friday, your face, or your CV, is on a VIP screen. Sunday is a great day to say sorry – and mean it.

LUCKY LINKS A friend with links to Australia.  A news story about an
unusual home. Contests that have an age limit.

I CHING INSIGHT   Yes, you are at a CROSSROADS, reveals the I Ching —
even if you may not yet realise it. This symbol urges you to look closer at the directions you choose, rather than just following in other people’s footsteps, or retreading familiar paths you’ve travelled many times before.

Fresh faces, fantasy feelings and all kinds of new experiences are on offer now.  All you have to do is say yes.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

Perhaps where you live has felt less like a true home lately – this can change as Venus puts down chart roots. Rules, spoken and unspoken, can be reviewed. 

And positive feelings flow again, as shared plans are made. It may not be
easy to admit you want, or need, a more predictable life. But you can make this happen now. 

In love terms, security is who you are, not where you are.

DESTINY DAYS  You’ve got a gift for laughter on Monday – try writing that comedy script. Check all figures twice on Tuesday. Jump out of your fashion comfort zone on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS   A friend who works with animals. A story about a celebrity chef.  Your favourite spot for a picnic.

I CHING INSIGHT   Your symbol TRANQUILLITY suggests a cool, casual surface may be concealing hidden depths of emotion. This can describe yourself, the person you most want to get closer to – or perhaps both. 

In an existing relationship, taking love beyond the limits of physical attraction, towards something deeper and more meaningful, is just what your partner wants. So don’t be scared to lead on this.

If you’re single, show you expect more from a bond than physical fun.   
Pretending otherwise is leaving your heart vulnerable.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

You own any room, and wow any introduction – as very different planet energies come together in your sign. Yes, you have fire, but you can control this so well.  And hit the perfect balance in career or other important meetings. 

In love terms, this is a week to say simply what you really feel, no fancy
tricks. If you’re single, a radio dedication can change this.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday you are a great leader, even if you don’t feel like
it.  So do step up in a team.  Wednesday and Friday are calm, capable DIY days.  But you are a show-stopper on Saturday night.

I CHING INSIGHT   Just one choice can change your life with the striking
force of a thunderclap – reveals the symbol THUNDER.  Yes, this change
may not be easy to make, but it will be worth it. 

If you’re in a relationship, you must pledge to put the past behind you, and not bring it up every time truth talking starts. Stay calm, and show your partner
you are there by their side, through any storm. 

If you’re single, this is an I Ching of love at first sight, and it can strike as the weather suddenly and dramatically changes.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

This is your moment to look again — and seriously this time — into a line of work you know you would love. A “T” video, however short, can be your inspiration. But all the true steel to succeed is already there inside you. 

If you’re in love, get ready for a week of up-close honesty and nerve-tingling truth. Single? The One is two places away from you in a payment line.

DESTINY DAYS  You can rise up again on Tuesday, this time nothing can
stop you.  Avoid excuses on Thursday – especially in a family. A newly opened food outlet is your Saturday luck location.

LUCKY LINKS  An initial in diamonds. A message with a travel emoji. Scarlet stripes.

I CHING INSIGHT  Turning respect and patience you give to others inwards, and nurturing your own heart and mind first — this is the message of SEEKING NOURISHMENT. Because lately, you may have started to rely too strongly on other people’s opinions and influences, instead of trusting yourself. 

An internal switch from self-criticism to self-belief, that you can slowly build up, is your key to success in life, and love. So start today to value yourself, your ideas, beliefs and abilities. Soon the world will follow your lead.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

You’re quite the zodiac tornado, so do be careful not to sweep less confident individuals out of your way, even out of your life. When you take time to listen, you’ll hear some hot news. 

The oldest outfit in your wardrobe has a luck link, or perhaps the germ of a business idea. And a “B” friend can help. Passion-wise, two names, two dates, or two homes, can become one.

DESTINY DAYS   Be kind, but clear, on Monday. Step out of a relationship race on Thursday if you are not comfortable. Answer weekend questions honestly.

LUCKY LINKS  The superhero film you’ve seen most often. A rainbow coloured dish, or drink.  A door with a handle missing.

I CHING INSIGHT  The five soft, and one strong, lines of the I Ching RETURNING indicate that you could have up to five marriages, or serious relationships, throughout your life. But this can also represent one love bond going through five distinct phases, to emerge stronger and more secure.

This is a symbol of mature self-knowledge, and mutual respect that allows partners to be honest, and allow each other to grow. It also shows eventual success in a practical test or task, so don’t give up!


JAN 21 – FEB 18

Success is what you make it, and how you see it, this week – so start making those To Do lists.  You are an individual chart winner, but you also have the kind of team spirit that shines on a celebrity TV show. 

Plus you inspire everyone around you, and this can bring a cheeky passion question. 

Secret crushes, hidden desires and sudden love moves are your Venus legacy.

DESTINY DAYS  Be first to break a family silence on Tuesday. Turn back time on Thursday — reconnect with former workmates.  Stick to your usual prize numbers on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A clock with an unusual chime.  The friend who works out
most often.  A shop window, or website, with a festive flavour.

I CHING INSIGHT   Keeping facts and feelings hidden away inside is the
theme of CONTRADICTION – this creates a negative internal energy that
can influence every part of your life. 

It’s not easy to make a change to this, and share all your thoughts and feelings with people who matter to you. But it’s a move well worth trying.  If you’re single, maybe you conceal parts of yourself to help your love search. But it’s only when you let your true self show that the right person will respond.


FEB 19 – MAR 20

Energy and ideas are in sync In your chart of travel and truth. So a journey rescheduled several times can happen – and you will be so glad about this. So set any misgivings aside.

Through your life,  you are ready to change the parts of yourself you can, and accept the parts of others you can’t. This is a love breakthrough. But also helps a household re-find harmony.

DESTINY DAYS  Tackle overdue paperwork on Monday.  Turn off your phone
Wednesday for one-on-one love (or lust!) time.  Follow your number instincts on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS    Music that reminds you of a school friend.  A picture with a white building in the background.  Names that begin or end in “O”.

I CHING INSIGHT  Are you ready to turn fantasy to reality? Because your I Ching TRANSFORMATION is ready to help. If you’re with a partner, give up that quest for perfection, and work with what you have. So much happiness depends on your own mindset, and an inner transformation from seeing only negatives, to celebrating positives. 

If you’re single, then instead of dreaming of the ideal  date, take practical, measured steps towards him or her. Love that starts firmly rooted in reality can quickly transform into fantasy.

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