Wedding shamers blast guest for upstaging the bride in an ‘insane’ white, lace dress – The Sun

A WOMAN has been blasted for wearing a white, lacy dress to a wedding causing guests to mistake her for the bride.

When attending a wedding the only rule to follow is don’t wear white in any shape or form.

The colour is strictly reserved for the bride, but one wedding guest didn’t get the message.

She rocked up to the ceremony wearing a white, lacy dress which looked so bridal people thought she was the one getting married.

A photo of her fashion faux pas was shared to Facebook group That's It I'm Wedding Shaming, where it’s racked up more than 700 comments.

Sharing the image online, a fellow guest said: “Guest shaming the woman who wore this insanely white, lacy dress to a friend’s wedding.

“It ain’t your day, girl.”

Her bridal-inspired outfit also meant people mistook the bloke sat next to her for the groom.

Commenting online, one person said: “Totally thought this was the bride and groom.”

Someone else said: “I thought this was the bride until I read the caption.”

A third wrote: “Looks more like a top, but yeah that’s a lil’ bridal.”

While this person added: "I literally thought that was a bride."

Plus this bride was mocked for demanding guests give her money even if they can't attend the ceremony.

While this bride blasted her make-up artist after she refused to style 10-year-old bridesmaid’s hair because she was crawling with nits.

And this bride was hailed a genius after making subtle hints about what ring she wanted in social media posts.

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