Vagina Christmas tree baubles are here – and they're more tasteful than they sound

We've already told you about Primark's Harry Potter ornaments and baubles filled with gin – now we've learnt that you can buy vagina decorations.

Aptly named "Vaginaments", the cheeky baubles are available on Etsy store Felt Melons.

Each festive vulva is handcrafted from felt, and they come in a range of colours and sizes to match any tree's theme.

For an extra splash of holiday cheer, you'll find a teeny silver bell nestled in the middle.

Some are decorated with snowflakes, while others have fun fluffy edging – but they're all subtle enough to go unnoticed… until you look closely.

Felt Melons is the brainchild of Suzanne McAleenan, who lives in Ontario, Canada.

In her page's description, she explains that the ornaments came about after she decided to make her children's pre-school teachers woodland animal ornaments for Christmas.

She writes: "I thought nothing of whipping up a few animal ornaments. Well. Turns out I'm not so much an animal ornament maker.

"Felt penis ornaments happened (I was watching a Liam Neeson movie!). Then Vaginaments (I have a friend whom I didn't want to feel left out!)."

Fancy popping a Vaginament on your tree?

They cost between £17 and £20, and can be shipped to the UK for £5.67.

To be honest, we reckon they'll look perfect next to those gin baubles.

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