Trolls slam my son’s name – it’s a common name so I don't get the issue | The Sun

WHEN choosing a name for your child, there are a lot of different factors to take into consideration – you want to love the name, you want your child to like it.

But sometimes you want others to be impressed too, right?

One mother, Jessica Ireland, has revealed that she named her son using her maiden name – and lots of people aren’t impressed.

Jessica, who has 30.8k followers and 2.3million likes on TikTok, took to the video sharing platform to reveal her son’s name.

The young mum-of-two named her son Smyth – which is her maiden name.

But the Northern Irish stay-at-home mum revealed that people judge her for giving her son an unusual first name. 

She said: “Just to preface – I know the name itself isn’t unusual, I meant it was unusual to use it as a first name”. 

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But trolls slammed Jessica’s choice of name and many thought it was cruel to give a child such a name.

Jessica uploaded a video the social media app, replying to a comment that read: “From someone who has a very unusual first name, it’s a curse, I hate it. You have no idea what cruelty you have inflicted on your poor child”. 

The young mum replied to the comment with the hit Lily Allen song F**k You and said: “How I feel when people comment stuff like this! If you have a negative opinion, keep it to yourself!” 

However, many TikTok users were supportive of the name and thought it was a lovely moniker. 

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One person said: “Am I the only one that doesn’t think Smyth’s name is that unusual? I just think it’s cute. Doesn’t stand out to me as ridiculously unusual” to which Jessica replied: “No I think because it’s a surname it’s unusual as a first name but not actually an unusual name if that makes sense”. 

Another added: “There are loads of surnames that are used as first names these days, like Parker, Carter etc etc” to which Jessica said: “Oh yeah 100%, do think Smyth is more uncommon as a first name than those but it’s still 'normal'." 

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A third commented: “What?! Such a great name…how on earth is it a curse?”

Another noted: “His name is soo cute! It’s not something insanely hard to pronounce it’s just original!”. 


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Jessica replied to the thousands of comments about her son’s name with a follow-up video and confirmed: “So I didn’t realise that that last video saying my son’s name was unusual would get so many views, but for those that don’t know, my son’s name is Smyth.  

“It is pronounced the same way as Smith.

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“The reason why it is spelt with a 'y' is because that’s how my maiden name was spelt.

"I didn’t want to be original, I just wanted to use my maiden name, so that’s why it’s spelt with a 'y'."

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