TikToker warns against popular grout cleaning hack – it will eat away at the floor’s topcoat

NO ONE likes to watch their grout fade from bright white to dark gray or yellow.

That’s why people have come up with various ways to make sure their grout stays white – but one popular hack might do more harm than good to your floor. 

A TikToker has sent out a warning against pouring Lysol toilet bowl cleaner on grout in a video shared to her page.

After she poured the cleaner onto and then scrubbed the grout with a brush, she discovered that the Lysol had taken the marble floor’s protective topcoat away with it, leaving unappealing marks around the edges of each tile.

“It ate the finish off the floor … do not use toilet bowl cleaner … especially on marble floor,” the TikToker warned.

The poster’s video was met with strong approval from viewers. 

“Normalize using cleaning products as they are intended to be used,” one person wrote.

In reply, the poster said: “A lot of these hacks are not hacks at all but major fails as they destroy surfaces.”

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“You can’t use acidic products on marble,” another person noted.

“That’s why you always test a small area first,” a third user claimed.

People may want to take that advice for another grout-cleaning hack that was previously posted by a different TikToker.

The person explained that she uses Healthier Home degreaser to clean the grout between her tiles, and so far has experienced no problems. 

She also said the bottle claims to be safe for homes with kids and animals.

Yet another person hoping to get their grout looking better shared that she mixed bleach and baking soda to restore its white color.

Happy with the results, she informed readers of her post that she “cracked the code.”

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