Thrifty mum shows off her chic cupboard handles & people can’t believe she made them with ice-cube trays – The Sun

IF you thought you wouldn't need your ice cube tray for another six months, we have an interesting hack that might change your mind.

A creative mum from Perth in Australia came up with a novel method for making cupboard handles – by putting her ice cube tray to good use.

A woman named Teleasha, who runs the Instagram account Owl and the Willow, demonstrated how she achieved the cool look using an 83p ice cube tray.

Teleasha, who works as an artist and frequently upcycles furniture, used liquid resin and chrome knobs to make the handles, later adding a gold spray paint to complete the look.

Captioning her post, she wrote: "The $1.50 Kmart ice cube tray makes cute handles.

"I just placed a chrome knob in the ice cube tray then poured resin around it, let it set and then spray painted it!"

Along with the ice cube tray, which she bought in Australian homeware shop Kmart, she used Protite Casting Resin and 14mm polished chrome fingerpost knobs from a hardware shop.

For the finishing touches, she painted the handles with primer and a few cots of Dulux Rose Gold Gloss Finish.

Teleasha wrote: "Ta-daaa! Quick, easy & cost-effective!"

People can't believe how good the finished knobs looks.


Someone wrote: "Wow!!! This is an amazing idea, love it."

Another added: "This is just the most fabulous thing I’ve ever seen! The knobs and the hall table (oh my god I love those colours!)."

A third person commented: "I can't believe you did this with an ice cube tray! Amazing."

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