This $48 Target Jacket Is Going Viral on TikTok — and Once You See It, You'll Get Why

Something from Target's fashion section goes viral on TikTok at least once a month. Well, it's probably more than once a month, but as much as we try to keep up with the teens on the Tok, it's not always possible. They seem to discover something new that then blows up on the Internet almost every day. It's fascinating, really.

So, we limit what we cover to only those viral pieces we think are truly worth it — a hard feat, but when you know, you know — and when we learned that the latest Target find everyone was scooping up was a coat that's so on-trend and looks like a dupe for that famous Saks Potts topper, we knew.  

Good coats are hard to come by. Good, fashion-forward coats even more so. And good, fashion-forward, reasonably priced ones are, well, nearly impossible to find. But the Wild Fable Faux Fur Trim Long Jacket somehow covers it all: It's affordable at $48, it's made from recycled polyester to help prevent plastic waste from ending up in landfills, and it's so darn chic with its faux fur trim on the collar and cuffs. 

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No wonder it's blowing up on TikTok. Do a quick search for "Wild Fable coat" or even "Target find" on the app, and you'll come across so many videos of people who are blown away by the outerwear staple. "Run to Target right now!" wrote one TikTok user, while another asked: "Why is Miss Wild Fable going off like this?" Translation: How is this coat so good? 

The Wild Fable coat is selling out extremely fast, but it's still available in two pretty colors: a sage green and a light lavender. The chocolate brown is almost totally sold out, and TBD on whether there will be a restock. Our hunch is no, so snag the in-stock colors while you can before those are gone, too. 

Get ready to have compliments rolling in left and right. 

Shop now: $48;

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