These are the two qualities that the Playboy Club look for when hiring a Playboy Bunny… and the trait that will ruin your chances

According to one of the Playboy Club’s creative directors, staff look for two main qualities in a woman when they are hiring.

Richie Notar, from the newly-opened New York Playboy Club, told Business Insider what he looks for with his glamourous Bunnies.

Firstly a warm and welcoming nature is key for all applicants keen to wear the iconic ears and tail.

He explained: “Because in that cruel and terrible world out there in New York City, you walk through those doors and it's like walking into a house, and you hug someone with your smile and you look at them.

“You're not like, 'Uh, reservation?' I want eye-to-eye contact."

He said that having a friendly demeanour is vital as it can help make a customer feel at ease from the moment they walk through the door.

He continued: “From that point on, what happens is the food tastes better, the table is more comfortable. Everything seems better when you feel like you're in good hands."

The next big requirement is for the applicant to have interesting pursuits outside of work.

Richie explained: "One of the things that I would like to do … is focus on people that have something interesting outside of this. I want them to be interesting in different ways other than just bringing you a drink."

In the New York club, current employees include a dental hygienist and an opera singer, who recently put her talents to use at the club singing an “operatic happy birthday” rendition for a customer.

The Playboy Bunny Costume Checklist

According to the Bunny Manual: "The Playboy Bunny and her distinctive costume represent one of the world’s most iconic and recognisable symbols.

"It is an image that speaks of the good life, fun, excitement, sophistication and charm.

"Achieving Playboy Bunny status is highly coveted, so it is important our standards remain high across the globe."

The role of the Bunny Mother is to ensure each Bunny is ‘Bunny perfect’. Here is what they look out for:

  • Costume – Must be clean, tailored to the individual and properly accessorised. The costume includes the "shell" (body corset), matching Bunny ears, white Bunny tail, white collar and cuffs, a black bow tie, Playboy Bunny cufflinks, a name badge, black shoes and black tights. The Bunny costume is the only uniform to be issued a trademark registration by the US government
  • Shoes must be well polished and scuff free
  • Tights – two pairs in good condition
  • Bunny ears – These should be placed into the hair, on top of the crown of the head, with the bottom of the headband behind the (human) ears, which should not be visible. Pins should be the same colour as your hair
  • Hair – healthy, neat and clean
  • Make-up – A Bunny’s make-up is the enhancement of her own natural beauty and must be perfect and flattering. Smokey eyes are preferred.
  • Nails – Must be well manicured, tasteful in colour if painted and free from chips
  • Correct Bunny name must be displayed on your badge and cuffs
  • No personal accessories or jewellery are allowed to be worn

Richie said that although prior hospitality experience is preferred, his philosophy is that you “have to start with a good person.”

One personality trait that will ruin your dreams of being a bunny is having a bad attitude.

He explained: “The hotter the restaurant, they're like, 'I'm doing you a favour by letting you in.' There's a lot of attitude. No attitude on my watch."

The stunning waitresses, dressed in skin-tight Bodices with rabbit ears and tails, have become an iconic part of the brand started by Hugh Hefner.

Anyone can apply to be a Bunny, and all successful candidates undergo a tailored eight-week training programme and assessment to "earn their ears".

Fewer than eight per cent of the girls who apply to be a bunny are hired, with over 60 currently working at the London club either full-time or part-time.

When Hugh set up his Playboy empire, in the 1950s, he came up with his rabbit logo and consequently the Bunny girls as a tribute, which he revealed in a letter to the bar which now hangs on its walls.

The exclusive Playboy Club Bunny service

One of the most iconic characteristics of the Playboy Bunny is the unique way she serves customers. There are three exclusive signature styles and anyone who becomes a Bunny will be trained to execute them all perfectly.

Bunny Dip

When a Bunny sets napkins or drinks on the far end of a table, she does not reach across awkwardly – she does the Bunny Dip.

This keeps her tray away from the guests and allows her to give graceful, stylised service.

The Bunny Dip is performed by arching the back as much as possible and then bending the knees to the necessary degree.

Raise the left heel as you bend the knee.

Bunny Stance

When in view of the guests, a Bunny should stand in a slightly exaggerated model’s stance, one leg slightly in front of the other with toe pointing, shoulders back, pelvis tucked well under and the tray balanced on her fingertips at shoulder height, ready to serve.

There should never be more than two Bunnies in a row at one time.

Bunny Perch

To sit, perch on the back of a chair or sofa or on a railing while waiting to be of service, keep both feet on the floor with hand on hip.

We recently told how a former Playboy Bunny and great-grandma became the world’s oldest underwear model at 83.

Hugh was famed for affairs a string of beautiful women, but it was a 'devastating' betrayal by his first wife that led to his Playboy lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are among the stars who have paid tribute to Hef since his death was announced.

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