The Watering Can position is perfect for couples who love kissing while having sex – but can you hack it?

This is the latest bedroom move to drive couples wild, and it’s ideal for those who like to kiss while they make love.

To get into the gardening-themed sex position, the man lies down with his knees slightly bent and the woman on top.

She brings her knees up on the side of the man, with her knees slightly bend.

The move is extremely intimate, as the woman wraps her arms around the back of his neck so their bodies are pressed closely together.

The man can shower his woman in kisses, like a watering can pouring onto plants.

According to Sex Positions Club: “This position allows dissolve in your male partner, inhale the scent of his body, feel his desire, savour the pleasure of sex and feel the delight by every cell.

“Nothing prevents the couple from kissing during sex.”

And while you can mix things up with some dirty talk or a steamy make-out session, using plenty of lube can take this mind-blowing position to the next level. In all senses.

Helping your bodies to slip and slide together, this lube is a must when trying out this passionate position.

Let the watering can-themed pleasure begin!

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