The Drop: 9 fashion, beauty & homeware gifts your friends and family will love

Shopping with care and supporting small businesses can really make a difference, especially now while independent retailers need our help more than ever. This week’s highlights include Sugar Coated’s Full Body Sugar Waxing Pack, Sbri’s Coin Purse and Potion London’s Eat Your Greens supplement.   

  • A Short Story Crystal Leaf Earrings

    Bringing exactly the right level of opulence we want for this winter, these beautiful earrings are inspired by real crystals. Designed in London and created using embroidery, the earrings are made from a cotton mix fabric base,  with hand- and machine-stitched glass and acrylic crystals using metallic threads.

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  • Sbri “Emily” Coin Purse

    Sbri’s bestseller ‘Emily’ coin purse is here to add some extra fun to the everyday. The personalised leather coin purses are the perfect size for when you don’t need your full wallet: nights out, holidays, travelling light on an all-day walk.

    Shop Sbri “Emily” coin purse, £30

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  • Ermana Natural Skincare Revive Face Oil

    With a special price of £20 for The Drop by Stylist, this vegan-friendly face oil is an award-winning formula for sensitive skin that also balances dry and oily skin; exactly what you need as the temperature plunges. 

    Shop Ermana Natural Skincare revive face oil, £20

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    Welcome to the world of FAAYDE (pronounced FADE). This vegan-friendly compact, travel-sized and portable stain remover means that no matter what you do to your clothes while out and about, they can be saved on the go. Made with no harsh chemicals and no added bleach, it’s gentle on all textiles and will fit easily into your bag.

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  • Potion London Eat Your Greens

    Potion London’s Eat Your Greens (with an exclusive price for The Drop by Stylist), is a whole food supplement packed full of beauty-boosting anti-viral and antioxidant superfoods. As a helpful way to achieve your five-a-day, this unique blend contains organic spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, spinach, kale and beetroot. 

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  • Afrotouch Design Productivity Pack

    AfroTouch Design has put together this amazing Productivity Pack exclusive to The Drop by Stylist. With bold designs, these stationery items will not only add vibrancy to your workspace but they’ll also help you plan to perfection. 

    Shop Afrotouch Design productivity pack, £27

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  • Kodes London Underground Tube Necklace

    Go big and bold with this hand-painted wooden geometric necklace which is inspired by the floor and seat pattern of the London Underground District Line tube trains (how we miss them). This necklace features five wooden beads hand-painted using acrylics then varnished for a matte finish.

    Shop Kodes London underground tube necklace, £18

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  • Bell Hutley Curious Matchboxes

    This gorgeous box of matches is exactly what your mantelpiece is after for the festive season. Bell’s work is all about telling stories through art, creating pieces inspired by nature, children’s literature and folklore and this whimsical and transporting design by Bell is the perfect complement to this winter’s candle trend. 

    Shop Bell Hutley curious matchboxes, £12

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  • Sugar Coated Full Body Sugar Waxing Pack

    We’re seriously missing our local beauty salons thanks to lockdown 2.0 but one good solution for now is Sugar Coated who produce a 100% natural vegan sugar wax kit. The brand’s exclusive formula is made from pure sugar syrup and water and doesn’t contain any citric acid, resins or additives which means the formula gives a smooth application and gentle results.

    Shop Sugar Coated full body sugar waxing pack, £20

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