The best times to masturbate revealed, including before work and when you’re on your period

Orgasms can flush your body with endorphins, reduce stress, increase blood flow, boost concentration and help you get to grips with your pleasure points.

But certain times of the day are better for masturbating than others.

From right before work to when you're on your period, these are the best times for some self pleasure…

1. Morning glory

The thought of waking up even earlier on a weekday might fill you with dread but one sexpert says before work is the best time to masturbate.

Kit Maloney, founder of female pleasure company O'actually, told Bustle that a little morning play could boost your concentration, reduce stress and even make your skin glow.

She said: “Masturbation/orgasms lead the body to flush out cortisol, a major stress hormone in the body, leaving you more calm, happy and balanced.

“It (also) allows the space for the monkey brain to quiet and that means you'll be more focused and effective with your to-do list afterward!”

2. Period drama

This one might gross you out at first, but hear us out.

Masturbating while on your period can help reduce cramps and make your cycle shorter.

"When you orgasm, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin — natural pain relievers that can get rid of some of the most intense period pain," said Emily Morse, a sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily podcast.

Women are also often more aroused during that time of the month with nothing but taboo stopping them from relieving this tension.

Emily added: "A lot of women are actually more turned on and aroused during their period."

3. Midnight treat

If you struggle to drift off at night, it could be time for a little self-love before bed.

US research by the Kinsey Institute, at Indiana University, found nightly masturbation helped participants fall asleep more quickly and smoothly.

When you climax, you reduce two hormones called dopamine and oxytocin, which make you feel happy and tired all at once.

4. Down days

Are you feeling a bit down today?

Whether you're having a sad day, have hit a mid-afternoon energy slump or are simply hungover, a little masturbation could be the solution.

“We know that pleasure makes people feel good," Dr Lauren Streicher told Huffington Post.

Orgasms spark the release of dopamine, a hormone which boosts your mood and gives you a natural high.

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