The Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

Like many fellow fashion stylists prepping for a shoot, Keely Murphy would scroll through the likes of Etsy, Amazon, or eBay, in an attempt to unearth those random vintage or hand-made pieces that really set the tone and feeling of a fashion shoot. But, needless to say, Amazon is quite the behemoth, and digging through all the site has to offer might actually be more daunting that sifting through your local Goodwill. Soon after, a friend noticed all of the goods Murphy had discovered, and prompted her to spill her 'secrets,' and thus, @FashionSecrets93 was born. Now, with 20K followers and counting, it seems as though Murphy has, as they say, found a niche in the market. While she says that vintage collecting is her true passion, "I have a lot of fun with it, and am happy that people can use it as a shopping resource." Here, in honor of W's Witch Week, Murphy has used her Amazon prowess to curate a selection of last minute Halloween-costume necessities, all available on Amazon.

"I felt it was important to include at least one traditional hat, this one by far is my favorite. The vinyl material and lace up detail have a very avant-garde affect."

Buy Now: Vinyl Witch Hat, $18,

"If you’re the spell casting type, a pentagram is a must. These earrings have a clean design design and are about 2” in size."

Buy now: Pentagram earrings, $9,

"While looking for decorative necklaces I came across this victorian collar, which is such a chic alternative to a choker! It would be a great accessory for any black lace ensemble."

Buy now: Victorian collar, $39,

"When I think witch I jump pretty quickly to patent leather. These sky high Pleaser platforms would look amazing paired with a dramatic victorian hoop skirt. I think SJP would agree."

Buy now: Pleaser patent leather boots, $90,

"I really don’t know anything about reading Tarot Cards, but the graphics on this set are beautiful! I’m sure there is a drinking game or Youtube tutorial that would turn this into an excellent addition to any party."

Buy now: Tarot cards, $16,

"There’s a whole spread of Rodarte-esque button downs available on Amazon, and thought it was important to include a more demure option to counteract all the leather. If you’re the Elphaba type this is a great piece. "

Buy now: Victorian blouse, $22, Amazon.

"I think granny boots have a lot of potential and are often overlooked! Worn with trousers or a dress, I love anything that laces up. "

Buy now: Granny lace-up boots, $41,

"This robe is simply beautiful, and is available in any color you could possibly want! Perfect for the host of an old Hollywood themed seance."

Buy Now: Marabou robe, $125,

"These are a classic. I would love to see them styled with a high heel and anklet."

Buy now: Striped socks, $6,

"In an attempt to find a pair of Peggy Guggenheim glasses, I came across this glitter bat shades! The shape is very striking and apt for a Saint Laurent-obsessed witch."

Buy now: Bat glasses, $13,

"I love the simplicity of these spiderweb false eyelashes. They have an architectural minimalism to them, with a hint of kitsch."

Buy now: Spider eyelashes, $11,

"These are pretty insane looking, and I doubt very functional. Regardless, it’s such an amazing accessory!"

Buy now: Pointed finger gloves, $23,

"Under-busts are amazing in that they can transform any shapeless dress into a sexy one! It’s a great styling piece with endless applications."

Buy now: Patent corset, $17,

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