The Best Comfy Robes Under $100 You’ll Legit Never Want To Take Off

I’ll be honest, I’m still ordering a lot more takeout than I should be. Yes, I wish I weren’t, but that doesn’t change the facts. But, what makes me feel a whole lot better about answering the door so often is doing so in a nice, comfy robe, tossed on over my less-than-stellar pajamas that — let’s be real — I’ve also been wearing a lot more than I should be. Currently, I only own a not-so-great bathrobe and, as comforting as it it to wear post-hot shower, it’s not the vibe I want. No, I want a cozy, hot, perfect bathrobe to wear well into the new year. Believe it or not, that’s not the easiest thing to find.

Above all else, the perfect robe is the one you’re convinced you don’t need to change out of. And TBH, I’m low-key tired of changing out of my bathrobe to put on my regular clothes. I just want to be wrapped up and cozy, especially when I sit on my bed post-shower, pretending like I don’t exist. I want to burrow myself into a thick, fleecy material one day, and flounce about in a satin fabric like a queen in a castle the next. With robes running the gamut between fuzzy human burrito and silky blanket, the real question is what kind of lounger do you want to be?

Before you suffer through scroll after scroll after scroll, read on below for the best robes to make for the coziest winter of your life.

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Soft Sherpa

To stay super warm through the cold weather, consider treating yourself to Lane Bryant’s Sherpa Robe ($70, Lane Bryant). The shaggy, soft texture is as appealing as it is super warm, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style at all.

Long Lines

A long robe is an underrated option. It keeps you warm from your shoulders to you calves, and the elongated silhouette will keep your whole body safe from the post-shower chills. Even more, it’s perfect for throwing on in the winter to answer the door for any deliveries.

A Little Leopard

Name someone who doesn’t love a leopard print, I’ll wait. I mean, come on, it’s fun, flirty, and adds a bit of pizzazz to anything you pair it with. As soon as you throw this robe on, you’ll feel like you’re living your most opulent, new money fantasy.

Sexy Silk

If you’re up for it, head down a sexier route à la Schmidt from New Girl. A silk or satin robe will make you feel elegant and like you just stepped into a decadent ’70s apartment.

Fluffed Up

Wodstyle’s Fluffy Dressing Gown ($38, Walmart) has a teddy-lined interior to keep you at your absolute coziest. For optimal coziness, the silhouette boasts pockets, a belt, and — arguably the best part — a hood.

Foolproof Flannel

Nothing screams winter comfort pattern like flannel. The pattern on its own is incredibly cute; put it on a robe, and you’ve got yourself cabin-in-the-woods realness.


Even if you only wear it around your house, your robe need not be confined in neutral-colored walls. As nice as black, gray, or white may pair with all your sleepwear, a bold color can add a bit of spice and energy to your day-to-day life.

Playful Patterns

A subtle pattern like stripes makes for a fun element to your robe that adds just a bit more visual interest, without making the piece too loud, if that’s not your thing. You’ll look ready for the most fashionable sleepover ever with the satin robes above on hand.

Feather Weather

Naturally, to feel like the most extravagant person possible, the unofficial rule is to wear a robe with funky sleeves. Boohoo’s Kimono Rove ($19, Boohoo) has a feathered hemline and sleeves to turn your nightwear into a full-on statement.

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