Teen who ‘ended up with a square head’ after chin fat removal surgery shows off her final look eights weeks later

AN Aussie teen who ended up "with a square head" after getting chin-fat removal surgery shows off the end result after going viral online.

Sofia Marroquin, 19, shared a clip on TikTok in June revealing her face after undergoing a Kybella treatment – which left her with extreme swelling and bruising changing the shape of her face.

The procedure -a nonsurgical injection technique used to reduce excess fat beneath the chin – left her face extremely swollen and puffy resulting in her usually pointy chin looking completely square.

After sharing the video, Sofia received backlash online with many people comparing her to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and Lord Farquaad from Shrek.

The teen revealed it would take some time before seeing the results of the surgery, and now, two months later, she's taken to TikTok to show off the end result.

Last week she teased the final look which showed a glimpse of her new slimmed-down face.

And now, in a new short clip, the 19-year-old has revealed her incredible new look, comparing snaps of herself before she underwent the cosmetic procedure.

Her face looks drastically different with a defined jawline and chin – accurately showing the results of the treatment.

Thousands were quick to congratulate the teenager for having the patience to wait it out and have praised her for her new look.

"Okay, you've convinced me," one woman posted.

"You look awesome," another added. 

After revealing her "square face" for the first time in June, Sophia shared an "explanation" video detailing her procedure, although the truth behind her new face shape had not been verified.

She said: "Lots of people have been asking why I made my face look like a rectangle. I didn't purposefully make my face look like a rectangle."

Smirking, she claimed: "I got a treatment done called Kybella which removes fat from the lower part of your face. People tend to get it for your double chin but I got it in my jowls area .

"Mine was really fatty covering up my jaw so I just wanted to remove that fat – just a little bit – just to make it look a little better. That's all."

Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment and, according to Healthline, some common side effects include pain, swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness.

The Aussie has continued to post humorous clips referencing the progress of her face in response to the backlash and negative comments she'd received.

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