Taurus Water Snake: What does the Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign mean?

THE Taurus Water Snake is a combined astrological sign using Western and Chinese astrology. 

They were born in 1953 in the April or May months and are known for being realists and very pragmatic. Water Snakes are forthcoming and never afraid of their confidence. 

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Characteristics of the Male Taurus Water Snake

Charmer, charmer, charmer. Oh yeah, this boy can deliver on the charm stakes. It's not that you should take everything he says with a pinch of salt but he does overdo it – it just comes naturally to him, that's all. 

This is a strong man with strong convictions, who actually cares about the welfare of others. 

The Taurus is powerful, the Snake is pretty ruthless – but the Water aspect imbues this boy with a compassion that, were it missing from the Taurus/Snake angle, would leave us with a brute of a man. 

But he isn't, he's kind, terribly traditional, honest, genuine – and will always try and do the right thing. Often men blessed with an abundance of such natural charm would potentially use it in malevolent ways – not this fellow, his traditional values usually remain intacto. 

He's a good guy but he is a Snake, and Snakes are the most self-serving of all the Chinese elements. 

He's a good guy with a kick and because there is a huge dose of self-belief inherent within these boys, they are able to turn their talents to any number of avenues, musician, CEO, politician (because Snakes are wily, savvy, manipulative and love to control), but they'd also make a fantastic postman or plumber. 

They have a kind of laid-back feel to them, an easy, affable charm; nothing really fazes them, they are the sort of compassionate, strong, stoic men you would turn to in a crisis. 

Quite a classy act.

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Characteristics of the Female Taurus Water Snake

Home-maker supreme. If this girl's home isn't just beautiful, tasteful and divine, something is amiss with the world. 

She's a toughie – but in a good, honest, wholesome way. 

She'll have real presence, this one – you'll know you're in the company of someone worth knowing. 

This girl is so calm and together, nothing, but nothing, flusters or fazes her. If the world were about to end, I'd hire a Taurean Water Snake to avert the crisis – and she'd doubtless succeed. 

In this mad, fast-paced world, she's always one step ahead of the game – even though she's moseying along at the same pace as us. 

She may be a little bossy, Taurean girls can't help it, but it'll be subtle and for the right reasons. 

In fact, this girl is so "on the money" in terms of having her life in perfect functioning order, it's probably safe to suggest that if God were a woman, she'd be a Taurean Water Snake. 

The Taurus/Snake combination is fantastically self-serving, and the beauty of these beautiful girls is the fact that you're probably blissfully unaware of their various motives and desires. However, their heart, their soul, are genuine. 

So all self-serving behavior will be attempted to be addressed in an upstanding, moral way, and they're savvy enough to carry it off. 

There are very few certainties in life, hell there aren't any, but if there was to be one, it would be that you'll never, ever, find these girls living in a wretched bedsit five miles south of Porthcall, because these girls know exactly what they want. 

What is it? A lavish, decadent, successful life. 

Good girls. A class act.

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