Taurus Water Pig: What does the Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign mean?

THE Taurus Water Pig is a mix of Western and Chinese zodiac signs.

Taurus Water Pigs are born in 1983 in April or May and are said to be always happy, nice, but very vulnerable. 

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Characteristics of the Male Taurus Water Pig

Rivaling Taurus Water Dog for the title of "Mr Lovely." 

Sometimes characters present themselves and you think, "You have a plethora of traits that are so far from perfect and yet you kind of are." 

Here is one such case. He's not exactly an ambitious cookie, absolutely isn't in a rush to get anywhere fast, probably munches his way though life (excessively so), hasn't got the most startling work ethic and could fall asleep on the outside lane of the M4 – but he's still unnervingly gorgeous. 

That isn't easily achieved – but he achieves it because he's so unassuming, possesses no real guile and is so disarmingly charming you can't help but love 'im. 

I suppose you'd say he's sort of "wonderfully imperfect". Yeah, that kind of sums him up. 

So, is there anything bar a ton of TNT that will actually get this one up and running? Absolutely… A visit to Dunkin' Donuts. 

OK, that's a little harsh – creative pursuits are what could easily inspire this boy on a journey to greatness.

It may be fashion, it may be design, it may be music, it may be acting; certainly working in an enclosed, anodyne, sterile environment on a daily basis would kill him. 

Although he's enormously sociable, and blends seamlessly into any social gathering with a wonderful ease, he's probably drawn to the country more than the city. 

He is a sweetheart.

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Characteristics of the Female Taurus Water Pig

Food, socializing, being loved and adored by everyone, and creative pursuits – that's what makes this one tick. 

She should be a full-time host – she'd be fantastic, completely in her element. Some Taurean girls are too much – too bossy, too loud, too cocky – well, not this little gem. 

The Taurus and the Water Pig are bedfellows, they share a love of the best things that life has to offer – and it's luxury and decadence that make these ones even happier than they are ordinarily. 

Although they'll worry a little too much – and criticism will be most unwelcome – they have a ready smile and will do anything for almost anyone (they can be surprisingly naïve). 

They're generous and really just want everyone to be happy and have a good time. So simple, really. 

But we have thus far neglected to mention an area of their life where they truly excel, and where they are truly happy and content… motherhood. It comes so naturally to these girls. 

They are such astonishing nurturers, and have so much love to give, that parenting is just an inevitability from the day they are born.

It goes without saying that they absolutely need to decamp to the country. A quaint little cottage in a quaint little village, in the greenest little county, is where these saintly, gorgeous women should end up. 

In an era of modern technology, a fast-paced environment, a dog-eat-dog mindset and a fairly self-orientated approach to life, the selflessness and beauty of these girls is even more heightened. 


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