Tattoo fans get VERY cheeky inking on their wrists… but everyone is saying the same thing about the design | The Sun

IT'S an area of London known for its tattoo shops.

So when a pair of friends visited Camden recently, they decided to get joint inkings.

Frankie Tomlinson took to TikTok to show off the etchings she and her pal had got – she had a "3" on her left wrist while her male friend opted for what looked like a sideways "A".

However, when she and her friend put their wrists together, their tattoos made a rude image.

But everyone was left saying the same thing about the design – namely that they couldn't spot what it was meant to be at first.

"Well I thought it said A3 until I realised!!" someone wrote, as another added: "took me a min to realise what it was."

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"prefer A4, the most practical paper size," one person hilariously weighed in.

While another agreed, writing: "personally I prefer A4, much easier to file away and keep organised in my opinion."

"i thought you were a stranger things fan for a second – number three," someone else added.

"I should of known," another commented.

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"I thought it was a cute sibling thing!"

Others were quick to tag their friends in the comments and suggest they get the joint tattoos.

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"anyone who's thinking of it…… it do it do it," one person wrote.

"I'm *still* obsessed with mine."

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