Sportmax Pre-Fall 2021

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For pre-fall 2021, Sportmax looked at the 1920s to find inspiration for its new collection.

The brand chose that specific decade because it marked a moment of rebirth after the dark times of World War I. “We wanted to be optimistic, hoping that a new energy will flow when the pandemic is over,” said Sportmax creative director Grazia Malagoli during an appointment at the brand’s showroom.

Fashion-wise, from the Roaring Twenties, Sportmax borrowed the elongated, fluid silhouettes featuring drop waistlines, that Malagoli revamped with a more contemporary spirit. The result was an appealing lineup, which spanned from Sportmax’s signature sartorial coats and suits to more feminine, flattering dresses cut in long shapes caressing the body. They included a pretty white style with a soft bow at the collar and an ink-like winter floral print, as well as a color-block style crafted from chenille with a liquid velvet effect.

Sportmax Pre-Fall 2021

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Velvet pajama sets were cut in generous volumes, while a grungy touch was introduced in the lineup with piercing details on a low-waisted dress, as well as with the intentionally distressed look of knits, which actually revealed Art Deco patterns.

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