Savvy woman reveals how to get Quality Streets for half the price from Tesco

EVERY year households up and down the UK bicker over the last chocolates in a Quality Street tin – with the favourites quickly snapped up.

No one wants to be left with the undesirable options (coconut, we’re looking at you), but one woman has found a way to get nearly double the amount in a tub, for just over a quid. 

The Tesco shopper shared her cheeky tip to Facebook B&M Stores Bargains and More, revealing you need to head to Tesco to take advantage of their pick n’ mix selection. 

She wrote: “With Tesco clubcard – pick & mix are on offer for £1.50, half price.

“In our Tesco we have quality street, so you can pick out all your favs fill up your cup all for £1.50!! 

“We got 426g in our cup… the pre-packed box with 240g is £3!!! 

“Result, no left over sweets that no-one likes for half the price & more.” 

She advised people to stack their cups up ‘jenga style’.

Her clever tip has been liked hundreds of times, as people planned their ideal Quality Street selection for Christmas. 

One person commented: “A trip to Tesco is needed this week.”

Another wrote: “Mine would b all greeeen.”

A third raved: “Such a good tip!!!”

This person posted: “This is probably the best thing this pregnant lady has seen thank you.”

While someone else added: “Awesome.”

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Plus this mum grabs ten Quality Street advent calendars as B&M flogs them for just £1.49.

And Brits should throw away their Christmas tree if they spot a walnut-sized lump as it could be a cluster of praying mantis eggs.

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