Retailer’s jewelry ad goes viral for all the wrong reasons – you’ll gasp when you see it | The Sun

ONE jewelry company's Instagram ad may be doing less to sell bling and more to freak people out.

The ad, posted by an unidentified retailer, has been reshared on Facebook – where commenters are fixated on a freaky detail.

"Shaming this jewelry company's Instagram ad… I don't even know where to start," wrote a woman who shared the image in the Facebook group "That's it I'm bored and shaming everything 2.0."

The photo shows seven rings of varying styles modeled by a disembodied hand.

The startlingly realistic hand is unsettling enough, especially because of the way the person photographing it appears to be interlocking their own fingers with it.

But then the viewer starts to notice the strange white spots, the stray hairs, the pointy nails – and the most chilling detail of all.

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Growing out of the bottom of the severed hand is a thick tuft of white hair.

The hand has a werewolf-esque quality, which may be fun for Halloween but could turn shoppers off from buying jewelry.

"The longer I look, the worse it gets," wrote one commenter.

"Omfg I thought it was someone’s real hand … the press ons deep under the cuticle had me so concerned," wrote another.

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"I’m curious about why anyone would want to advertise their fungal nail disease," chimed in another.

"It's giving paralysis demon and I am NOT here for it," one more critic wrote, while others called it "creepy AF" and said it put them off their food.

But not everyone is hating the bizarre photo, and a few commenters said it did the trick in making them want to shop there.

"Oh I think it’s fab," wrote one.

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"I love it! Tells me they probably have the perfect jewelry for spooky season, or accessories for spooky people," another fan commented,

"It got my attention. The thing ads want to do," noted yet another, while one more agreed: "Look at it as marketing, a talking point."

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