Queen Letizia never wears her stunning £20,000 engagement ring after it ‘injured her hand’

Queen Letizia of Spain sports summer dress for royal visit

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Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI got engaged in 2003. He presented her with a stunning diamond ring, but the mother-of-two never wears it. Why is that?

Queen Letizia’s engagement ring features a white gold band and 16 baguette-cut diamonds.

The ring is by Spanish jewellery brand Suárez and although it has no central stone, it features a beautiful ‘eternity design’.

The engagement ring is now estimated to be worth £20,000.

However, since their wedding day, Queen Letizia has never been seen wearing the ring again. But what’s the reason behind it?

The Queen of Spain reportedly decided to stop wearing her engagement ring for the same reason she never wears her wedding ring.

She clarified it herself once explaining that “the continuous handshakes at the receptions had injured her hand.”

However, there is another theory behind the mystery of the engagement ring – although it has never been confirmed by the Spanish royal house.

Journalists Esteban Urreiztieta and Eduardo Inda unveiled in a royal biography that King Felipe chose the engagement ring but sent his brother-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, to collect it.

Iñaki Urdangarin went to the jewellery shop Suarez in Barcelona and paid for it – at that time 3,000 euros.

However, journalists claimed he paid for the ring using his Nóos company credit card.

His company Nóos is the reason why the brother-in-law of the King of Spain is currently in prison

He was found guilty by the Spanish court of tax fraud, embezzlement and influence peddling and has been in prison since 2018.

Although this has never been confirmed by the Spanish royal house, journalists Esteban and Inda believe this could be the reason why “Queen Letizia decided to return the ring to the jeweller.”

Instead, the royal regularly opts to wear her Karen Hallam gold-plated ring, one of her favourites.

Usually, she wears it on her index finger and other times on her left ring finger.

However, this is a very common practice as many royals don’t wear their engagement or wedding rings, presumably for the same reason.

Prince William, for instance, never wears his wedding ring.

The same happened with Prince Andrew, who never wore his ring when he was married to Sarah Ferguson.

Queen Letizia was last seen earlier this week during an emotional goodbye to her daughter Princess Leonor, as she moved to the UK to continue her studies. 

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