Princess Diana lashed out at security guard over the Royal protocol that made her late to a state banquet… and this is how Prince Charles dealt with it

The royal husband and wife were due to attend a state banquet, held in honour of King Olav V of Norway in April 1988, when Princess Diana expressed a wish to set off from Kensington Palace.

According to royal biographer Robert Jobson, it wasn’t time for the couple to arrive at the event, and Princess Diana's request to depart from their home was refused.

Her security man, Ken Wharfe, is said to have witnessed Diana as she reacted impatiently and was “tutting loudly and tapping her feet.”

Robert revealed to the Daily Mail that Diana asked Ken if they could leave early, and he replied that they couldn’t as Princess Anne had got stuck in traffic.

The princess is said to have snapped back: “Ken, I know all about their bloody orders . . . I want to go now.”

Prince Charles then is said to have arrived on the scene, sensing some tension, and asked: “Are we ready to go, Ken?”

The former Scotland Yard officer explained that it wasn’t their slot yet.

Instead of getting flustered, Prince Charles simply replied: “Have I got time for another martini, then?”

Ken is said to have found the response amusing, but Princess Diana became increasingly frosty towards the security man.

After realising Princess Diana wasn’t happy, Prince Charles asked if there was a problem.

His bride replied: “Well, Charles, there is, actually. I want to go now. I don't want to hang around here. Why can't we go now?”

Charles answered: “Diana you know the system. We have to go at the set time, so that we arrive just before Her Majesty.”

Princess Diana is said to have retorted that he should go alone and no one would worry about her.

When he pointed out that they couldn’t travel separately as it would look like they had rowed, she became even more annoyed.

She is said to have told him “I have really had enough of this, I’m off”, and Prince Charles simply ordered a martini and headed to his study.

Things reached a fever pitch when her bodyguard admitted he found Prince Charles’ reaction funny and that their sense of humour was similar.

Following his confession, Princess Diana is said to have given Ken the cold shoulder for the rest of the night.

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