People say I’ve butchered my face with surgery and filler but I’m proud of my £10,000 glow up and love my look

SHE'S spent £10,000 transforming herself into a woman she's proud to be.

And while Amie Scott's posts on TikTok earn her countless critical comments from her followers, she's insisted she loves the way she looks now.

In a video asking for a picture from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, to "see how much you've changed", Amie – aka Plastic Amie – showed the full extent of her makeover.

While she's now known for her fish-like lips and frozen complexion, her 2018 snap showed her pre-surgery – with many people commenting that they preferred her before she'd had any work done.

"You used to be so pretty why mess with that," one person wrote, while another added, "What is wrong with people?"

"Looks horrible why would you get Botox," someone else commented, while another wrote: "You’ve ruined your face, you know it – get help!"

A fifth person wrote: "You ruined yourself, looked amazing before."

Others were more complimentary, with someone writing: "So much better, such a glow up."

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Another agreed: "I love the one in 2021. Stunning woman."

In another video, Amie responded to someone who suggested she looked better pre-surgery.

"WHAT DOES EVERYONE ELSE THINK? I don't see it i just cringe at old pics," she wrote.

And when another person asked for a before and after surgery comparison, she happily obliged, but captioned the video: "I LOOK SO MUCH BETTER NOW THOUGH."

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