People are only just realising a hidden ingredient in bread – it may make you gag | The Sun

PEOPLE are only just realising a hidden ingredient found in bread that some might find a bit gross.

Whether you love tea and toast in the morning or can't beat a bacon butty, this might make you reconsider.

This bizarre ingredient revealed to be found in bread is bound to make you gag.

According to a study, the loaf of bread you buy at your local supermarket does in fact contain human hair.

The amino acids found in factory-made bread are made up of hair as well as duck feathers, cow horns and pig bristles.

It has been reported most of the human hair comes from China.


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The hair is gathered together from the floors of barbershops and salons.

But not to worry, the portion of amino acid in the bread is tiny.

Also known as L-Cysteine, it can be avoided by buying fresh bread from a bakery.

L-Cysteine is added to bread to speed-up the time it takes to make it.

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However, it isn't added directly to flour and will only be found in shop-bought bread.

Some L-Cysteine is made in labs – but it mainly comes from the cheap and natural protein source of human hair.

It comes after a weird ingredient found in beer was revealed.

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Also known as isinglass, the form of collagen is used to make beer more attractive to drinkers.

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