People are only just discovering the £1 hack to removing rust on stainless steel – but they all have the same warning | The Sun

IT’S a trick that many cleaning fans have relied on for years, but some people have only just found out that there’s a nifty trick to remove rust from stainless steel.

And the best part of the cleaning hack is that it only costs around £1 but appears to work every time. 

Social media user Zippy Squid was keen to spread the word on their recent discovery as they encouraged others to check it out.

And Zippy Squid, who can be found via their TikTok profile @zippysquid, said all you need is something that’s probably already in your kitchen cupboard. 

In a recent video, he revealed: “Here’s a quick tip if you’ve got rust on something – a bit of aluminium foil.”

The man then showed how he’d screwed up a small piece of foil, which can be bought in supermarkets for just £1.

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Once he’d made the ball, he rubbed it against the rust in question, quickly moving back to front and applying pressure.

As the Aussie man did so, the TikToker showed that the rust spots seemed to instantaneously disappear and leave behind a silver that looked good as new. 

And after he posted the video, which racked up over 180k views, many said they couldn’t believe their eyes.

One of his 21.7k followers wrote: “What? No waaaay!”

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A second added: “This app has taught me more than all of my years of education combined.”

While a third wrote: “Cool, I’ll try this on my car!”

As a fourth typed: “The way I did this and it totally works.

“Look who’s getting their security deposit back!”

However, others were keen to point out that it’s not all good news – as they had a word of warning for those looking to try out the hack. 

And their complaint was the same, as they said the sound of the foil rubbing on the surface made them shudder.

One person said: “Ughh I felt that in my teeth! Was not prepared.”

Another asked: “But how do I get the feelings out of my bones when doing that?”

A third echoed their thoughts, as they commented: “My ears… I can’t take it.”

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As another person said: “Every hair on my arms just stood up.”

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