People are baffled by this muddy mountain bike optical illusion, can you figure out what’s going on? | The Sun

AN IMAGE of a muddy mountain bike has left the internet baffled – can you figure out what's really going on?

A bizarre optical illusion has gone viral on the popular forum Reddit.

The snap in question shows a red mountain bike covered in mud and stood on a very dirty ground.

But it's not to much the bike or the background that's left people's minds confused.

It's the fact that the mountain bicycle appears to be missing the front tire.

Covered head to toe in mud, you cannot see the usually black rubber tire.

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To make it even more challenging, the colour of the mud blends in perfectly with the background, leaving Reddit users confused.

However, whilst some were fooled, eagle-eyed social media fans eventually figured out what was going on in the photo.

''Just under the forks, where the top of the tores [tires] are, there are two parallel (ish) lines where the mud isn't caked on the tires,'' revealed one person.

''That's how I figured it out.''

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''For me the giveaway was that you can't see the brake pads,'' a reader of the post claimed.

Another commented: ''This is one is very good. One of the best ones I've seen.''

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''Invisible tire. If you ride it, you’ll look like you are just floating with a bike frame (on certain angles only),'' a third joined.

Someone else chuckled: '' ''What do you mean muddy tires, there are no- … oh".''

But not everyone was convinced the bike was fully equipped, as one Redditor struggled to see the anything but mud.

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''There are no tires.''

So what did you see first?

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