Parents are accidentally ordering Christmas presents by discussing them in front of their Amazon Alexas

But shoppers who own an Amazon Alexa may need to watch out – because it now appears our digital devices could be accidentally ORDERING presents without our knowledge.

A leading cyber security expert has warned parents to be cautious about discussing their presents plans in the same rooms as their virtual assistants.

Matt Horan of C3IA solutions has revealed that devices such as the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can interpret personal conversations as commands and order items online without your knowledge.

The Dorset-based expert said: "With Christmas approaching I can foresee many people answering doors to delivery drivers with packages that the person knows nothing about – and which their 'home helper' has ordered for them."

Commenting on the popularity of these devices, Matt added: "Last year these virtual assistants were enormously popular Christmas presents and this year they might be ordering the families' presents for them."

Advising on how to combat any unwanted orders, the security expert said: "The most sensible [approach] is to disable the voice purchasing element of the device, or at least set up a passcode."

"And of course they can be turned off when you are having detailed discussions about potential items you might want."

But in case you do get caught out with an unexpected Christmas present, Amazon does allow customers to return their accidental orders free of charge.

Although if you ask us, having presents arrive at your doorstep without your knowledge isn't exactly the worst problem you could have… amirite?

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