Organised mum reveals how to fold fitted sheets and towels in SECONDS – and how to keep your laundry cupboard tidy

A SUPER organised mum who's known for her immaculate home has revealed an easy way to fold her fitted sheets, pillow cases and towels in seconds.

Steph Pase, 30, from Sydney, Australia, shared a clip on her YouTube Channel where she demonstrated a simple step-by-step which ensures your laundry cupboard remains clean and tidy at all times.

Not only will your cupboard look incredibly pleasing, but keeping it tidy will mean you'll always be able to grab what you need with ease.

Helping to keep her cupboard in check, the mum-of-two revealed that she uses cheap storage tubs from Ikea and categorises them using labels – as she does with the rest of her home.

Here is Steph's guide to folding bedding and towels.

Fitted Sheets

Quite possibly the most frustrating items to fold, Steph shared a super simple way to get it done, and, surprisingly, it doesn't look like a heaped mess scrunched up in your cupboard.

To fold the fitted bedsheet, the mum-of-two first laid it down on the bed with the longer side in front of her.

She then pulled on corner into another, joining the two together.

Now, it looks somewhat like a rectangle making it much easier to neatly fold and stack.

Simply fold it into a small square and store it away.

Bath Towels

While towels seem simple enough to fold, they don't always look nice once folded – but Steph showed a way that is super easy and it looks good too.

She laid the towel down on the floor vertically and folded it twice to form a rectangular shape.

She then folds the towel in from either side making it look just as is does in fancy hotels – and the small, compact shape makes them easier to store away.


While pillowcases generally don't take up much room, you can still find the most effective way to fold them so that they look neat and tidy.

Steph laid hers out longways in front of her before folding each side in creating a long rectangle.

Next, she folds it in half which creates a small, neat square – and they stack perfectly in any cupboard.

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