November 23rd is the most popular day to have an affair

Which is why November 23 has been dubbed ‘unfaithful Friday’ as it’s the last time cheats can sneak away for a liaison without arousing suspicion.

Tomorrow is the most popular day for winter affairs, so if your other half suddenly springs a late night meeting on you – be aware.

Married-dating website revealed the worrisome news, saying that 80 per cent of the adulterers they asked arrange to see their lover on November 23.

And not just sneaking away for a quick tryst, it seems they see the year out with a bang with 45 per cent saying they'd booked a getaway with their bit on the side.

If your other half is away for the weekend, take note of the reason as the website also revealed that 40 per cent use a work event or business trip as cover.

And the next most popular excuse was ‘seeing friends’.

But the bad news doesn’t stop there, as even if your partner is committed – currently – activity on the website for cheats goes up by 30 per cent in the run up to unfaithful Friday.

Christian Grant, spokesperson for, said: “Over the Christmas period there is very little free time for most of us.

Popular locations for an extra-marital weekend away

“It’s hard enough to make time for extramarital activities without having to think about all of the obligations that come with Christmas.

“It makes sense that so many adulterers choose to have a final romp before being overwhelmed by the season’s obligations.”

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