NikkieTutorials Launches Limited-Edition Collab with Beauty Bay — Her First Eyeshadow Palette in 4 Years

The wait for a NikkieTutorials eyeshadow palette is finally over.

Despite amassing a following of 13.5 million on YouTube, the makeup artist and mega-influencer, 26, has been hesitant to launch products after a collaboration with Too Faced almost "cost" her career in 2016.

But last week — much to the excitement of her fans — the Dutch star (whose real name is Nikkie de Jager) announced she is launching a 20-shade eyeshadow palette in partnership with Manchester-based retailer Beauty Bay.

The NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay pressed pigment palette retails for $30 and launches Aug. 31 on Featuring a symbolic light-to-dark design, the limited-edition product offers a mix of bold colors and neutral transition tones in a variety of matte, shimmer and duo-chrome finishes — ideal for taking your look from day to night!

"I'm really proud of the fact that we really created a palette for everybody," de Jager tells PEOPLE. "We really thought, 'We need every shade to be worn on every single skin tone, every single person, every single taste level.' So there's a wide variety of the more safer earthy tones, there's crazy shimmers, there's bright colors. The sky is literally the limit."

Throughout her career, de Jager managed to keep her personal life relatively private — millions tuned into her YouTube channel for in-depth makeup tutorials, product reviews and light-hearted beauty-"challenge" videos.

But that all changed earlier this year when de Jager revealed she is Transgender in a YouTube video entitled "I'm Coming Out."

During the 17-minute clip (which quickly went viral and now has over 35 million views), the makeup artist told fans and followers that she was fully-transitioned at 19 years old. She also shared that she had not planned on publicly coming out, but was forced to after being blackmailed by someone who wanted to leak her secret to the press.

Speaking with PEOPLE, de Jager explains how the NikkieTutorials x Beauty Bay packaging encompasses her outgoing personality while also representing the trials and tribulations she has faced behind-the-scenes.

"I feel like when you see me for the first time, everybody is like, 'Oh, this is such a bright, bubbly, makeup-loving person.' Then you peel away the layers and it's like, 'Oh, she's gone through some stuff and has some darker sides, too'…we really wanted to create a peek into my world."

Inside the palette, de Jager kept things just as personal, with eyeshadow colors named after her mother (a baby blue shimmer called "Mama Tutorials/Mama T"), her step-brother who died in 2018 (a matte red called "Mikai") and her fiancé Dylan Drossaers (a hazel shimmer called "Mr Tutorials/Mr T").

The YouTuber also created a complex pink duo-chrome called "Pride," which she says is "literally the Trans flag in an eyeshadow."

"It has a bubble gum pink base, and then it has a duo-chrome shimmer of blue and silver white. So it's everything in one. It's just perfection," she shares. "If I had to choose one favorite shade, it would be Pride."

Since coming out, de Jager says she finally feels "free," adding, "I no longer have to keep a double schedule. I used to have to remind myself, 'Okay, this person knows this much. This person knows this much.' And it all became so much work to remember what I could say or not."

"It's so freeing and it's honestly the best feeling a person could ask for," she shares.

The influencer says she is thankful for the continued support from her family, her fiancé and her millions of followers over the past few months.

"My biggest fear when I came out was that people would now see me for what I am and not what I can do. Luckily that didn't change. People still tune in for the makeup. The fact that I'm Trans and I get to inspire people is just a great tag along really.

Reflecting on her relationship with her fans, which became even stronger after she came out, de Jager says, "I feel like the bond that we have together, it's magical, honestly. Their reaction [to the palette] has been phenomenal so far."

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