New Neck Slim Procedure is an Anti-Aging Facelift Alternative: Details

Feeling fresh! Dr. Suzanne Trott, a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Beverly Hills for 15 years has come up with a new neck procedure to make you look younger in a week (with very little downtime.) Trott sat down with Stylish on Monday, October 29, to dish on the Neck Slim, the perfect in-between surgery if you’re not quite ready to go for a full facelift, but still want to see the younger, fresher version of yourself.

The neck is one of the first spots where aging starts to show, so Dr. Trott has come up with a way to address this problem area through a small, hidden incision under the chin, ideal for both men and women looking for that ultimate contour. Trott dished on the celebrity jaw her patients are always asking for, how long the surgery takes, details on the recovery and how she addresses the turkey “gobble” neck. Scroll through toes what she said!

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