New mum mortified about having to wear adult nappy gets husband’s support in the best way possible

A PREGNANT woman has revealed her nerves about the prospect of having to wear adult nappies after she gives birth.

However, in a viral video, her husband has shown his support in the best possible way – by slipping on one himself.

The heart-warming clip, shared on TikTok, sees a US-based expectant mum explaining how there is one aspect of welcoming her baby that she is less than thrilled about.

Captioning the post, she wrote: "When you tell your husband you're insecure about having to wear diapers after birth."

The clip than shows how, in solidarity, her other half has put on a nappy and proceeded to dance around their home in it.

He can be seen strutting across their living room, before twerking on the sofa.

The video has so far been watched more than 5.3 million times, with many female viewers leaving jokily envious comments.


One woman wrote: "So jelly of you."

Another commented: "Your husband is a whole mood."

A third called shared: "Husband of the year."

And a fourth added: "Now THIS is a husband!"

The couple have since gone on to welcome a baby girl – and have documented the early days of parenthood in follow-up posts.

Many women who give birth may need to wear nappies for the first couple of days after delivering.

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