My selfish sister-in-law has copied my wedding dress… I’m fuming, it was my dream & now she’s ruined it

A BRIDE was left fuming after her sister-in-law copied her wedding dress after she shared photos of her “dream” gown.

Taking to the Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming (non ban-happy edition), she shared photos of the two dresses she had showed her brother’s fiancee.

The disgruntled woman then shared a third snap of her sister-in-law’s dress, which was a combination of the two.

Captioning her post she wrote: “I’ve spent the entire day seething.”

She goes on to explain that she and her brother are getting married within the same year, with her brother’s wedding a few months before.

She asked her sister-in-law not to pick a similar dress as she didn’t want to look like she had “copied” her.

“I sent her a photo of my dresses so she knew exactly what to avoid”, she continues, “I have one for the evening, one for the day.

“She went and asked a designer to make her dream dress. IT’S BOTH OF MY DRESSES COMBINED.”

She adds: “She sent me a photo before of the dress she said she wanted and it’s nothing at all like this dress so she’s had a convenient change of mind.

“I have experienced a new rage today that I did not know existed.”

But while the bride was hoping for sympathy from fellow group members, many agreed that she should “calm down.”

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Nah. Do not worry I don’t think they look anything alike.

“I mean there’s a similarity in all wedding dresses in a way.”

Agreeing a second added: “In my experience yes people notice a dress for a second but they focus on the bride.”

“Imagine thinking you own a wedding dress style” another bluntly wrote.

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