My petty neighbour poisoned my dogs and mowed down my vegetable patch over land dispute – what should I do? | The Sun

A WOMAN poisoned her neighbour’s dog and mowed down her vegetable patch in land dispute, it’s claimed.

According to the person on the receiving end, relations with the elderly woman soured a few months after they moved in and has left them pulling her hair out about what to do.

At first “everything seemed great when we moved in, until I planted a small raised vegetable garden in the side yard” wrote the victim in a Reddit post.

The homeowner explained it was the “only place in the yard with enough sun to grow veggies” but the “elderly neighbour was unhappy that I had pulled up the grass”.

The neighbour accepted produce from the vegetable garden but then called the council saying there were dead plants in the garden.

This enraged the neighbour who then proceeded “to trespass on my property” and mow her vegetables.


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“I approached her and told her not to trespass or mow on my property,” she said.

“She turned away and walked off without saying anything and continued to mow on my property.”

Matters took a sinister turn when the neighbour was spotted on “my property spreading poison in my organic veggie garden” which led to a call to the police.

“They came and talked with her, told her she could not come on my property. She screamed and had a fit at me in front of the cop.

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“The neighbour also smiled when I mentioned the dogs getting sick.

“The cop saw her smile and told me to immediately get cameras put up everywhere as my animals didn’t appear to be safe in my yard.

“I didn’t press charges as I just want her to stop and leave me alone.”

The homeowner admits “I’m a wreck over this” though other neighbours “have been super supportive”.

In despair, they ask “what should I do?” to sort things out.

It comes after a woman has alleged her neighbours are trying to steal her garage in a bitter land dispute.

In a series videos, the TikTok user explains how she’s been battling for years to get the garage back.

Earlier this year a resident who is in a war with her neighbour over the property line has made a list of all the 30 things they have done.

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