My parenting hack soothes my newborn with no work from me – all I need is a kitchen appliance, I call it the Nap-o-Matic | The Sun

A FATHER of a newborn baby said he used an unlikely kitchen appliance to put his baby to sleep while he gets work done.

The DIY hack soothed the baby and didn’t require any effort.

A father who goes by @sunburnt_dad on TikTok shared the hack that left viewers in awe of his ingenuity.

“Found a new use for our Kitchen Aid,” he said.

The video began with a baby in their bassinet stroller, sound asleep as the stroller was being pushed forward and backward to sooth him.

When the crafty father panned to the floor, he revealed how he got it to seemingly move on its own.

A red Kitchen Aid mixing machine was turned on and performing the revolving motion, but rather than have the bowl underneath it filled with flour and sugar, it had a string attached to it that was clipped onto the stroller.

The spinning motion continuously pulled that string back and forth so that the stroller would move with it.

On top of the movement, the Kitchen Aid also supplied a sound similar to that of white noise, known for helping newborn babies fall asleep because of the way it mimics the sounds in the womb.

“Nap-o-Matic 1.0,” the dad called it, giving it a name that one would easily imagine seeing on the baby market.

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His DIY skills brought on the praise of fellow parents who know the struggle.

“You gotta do what you gotta do,” one wrote.

“Freaking brilliant,” another applauded.

And a third wished they knew about it sooner: “I so would have done this.”

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