My neighbour's refusing to cut her tree & now the branches are in my garden – it’s totally blocking my garage | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED person has shared how their next door neighbour has refused to cut down the trees in their garden – and now they’ve grown into their property.

The trees are so overgrown that they’ve completely taken over and even blocked the person – who chose to stay anonymous – from getting into their garage and to their bike.

Unsure of what they should do next, the angry neighbour took to Reddit to rant and ask for others’ advice.

They wrote: “My neighbour refused to cut down her trees and they got into my backyard.”

Showing picture evidence of her front garden from two different angles, they added: “I can't even get my bike out.” 

And fellow Reddit users couldn’t believe their eyes, as they said they totally understood the person’s frustrations.

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They also offered up their own advice, ranging from talking to the neighbour to cutting it down themselves. 

One wrote: “Oh yikes. In most areas of the US at least you can cut stuff that overhangs into your yard, but I know that can vary if you live somewhere else.”

Another commented: “Talking to her would likely just be a courtesy. 

“In every city I’ve lived in, if something is over your property then that portion of it is your property. 

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“They could cut that portion off without permission from their neighbour or they could decorate it… whatever they want as long as they don’t mess with their neighbours' side of the property.”

They added: “Different locations, different laws though so probably best to check local laws before doing this.”

While a third argued: “You don’t need treelaw to cut branches where they cover your property. It’s basically common law.”

However, others said the problem could have been easily avoided if they’d have taken action sooner.

One pointed out: “You don’t need treelaw to cut branches where they cover your property. It’s basically common law.”

A second wrote: “Why should your neighbour cut down their trees?

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“You can remove the branches yourself, or just lift them up.”

While a third put forward: “Cut the trees that are on your side down, get your bike out, and enjoy yourself.”

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