My nail tech told me not to cut my cuticles but I didn't listen – it was a big mistake, now I’ve lost my whole thumbnail | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that her nail technician warned her not to cut her own cuticles, but she didn’t listen.

Lana, known on TikTok as @lanalovessushi, explained that she does her own gel manicures at home and often cuts her own cuticles.

But one day, Lana got so carried away with cutting her cuticles, that she ended up cutting off too much.

Not only did this result in a lot of swelling, pain and discomfort, but Lana eventually had to have her whole thumbnail removed.

The beauty fan took to the video sharing platform to explain what happened, as she said: “When your nail tech says don’t cut your cuticles…listen to them.

“Update: They removed my whole nail.

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“The doctor removed the nail in one piece and gave it to me as a keepsake.

“Leave your cuticles alone guys.”

Lana’s video has clearly shocked many, as it quickly went viral and racked up a whopping 14.9million views. 

It has 1.3million likes, 4,706 comments and 8,054 shares.

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TikTok users were gobsmacked at Lana’s story and were eager to know more. 

One person said: “We need a story time for this.” 

Another added: “Cuticles are there to prevent dirt, germs etc out of the area- I don’t let nail techs cut mine. I like your nail tech!” 

A third commented: “I just know that is THROBBING like mad under that banadage 🥺 ouch!!”

Lana then posted a follow-up clip, after many of her TikTok followers wondered what had happened.

She explained: “There isn’t much to the story other than I have been doing my own manicures, gel manicures at home, for the last two years roughly.

“I usually cut my cuticles, I will push them back and cut off the dry, dead skin, but I do get carried away sometimes because you start snapping it off and then it lifts and it keeps lifting and there's more skin and you keep cutting and then I just got really carried away with this one.

“I noticed after I finished my manicure that it was quite sore but I didn’t think anything about it too much because it’s happened before where I’ve cut my cuticle a bit too much and it’s been a bit sore but it’s been fine the next day.

“But this one was more and more sore and the skin around it became puffy and it just kept growing and kept getting bigger throughout the day.

“The next day I woke up and it was even bigger and kept getting bigger and eventually it was just so painful, I couldn’t do anything with the thumb. And I am right handed and it is my right thumb, and it was just hurting, hurting, hurting.

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“Eventually I got scared so I went to the accident emergency, thinking that they would just drain it, just snip it and get all the puss out or trapped blood, whatever it was, but they ended up taking my whole fingernail off.

“So I will not be touching my cuticles ever again.”

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