My mum named me after an ENTIRE football team – I’ve got 16 names altogether | The Sun

SOME parents give their new-borns more than one middle name, but this mum went to the next level when she named her son after an entire football team.

Now an adult, the man confessed that he has 16 names altogether.

In a clip shared on TikTok he admits: "I am legit named after the entire Arsenal football team of 1989."

His mum was even there to back up his claim, chirping in to add that it was the "championship winning side."

"My full name is Kevin George Graham John Lee Nigel Michael Stephan Tony David Paul Alan Brain Martin Perry Smither," he revealed.

His mum quipped: "It's 16 names!"

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Clearly a huge football fan, the mum seemed to still be impressed with the lengthy name choice.

Viewers of the clip were in disbelief, one said: "She put the subs in and all!"

Another quipped: "Out of all those names she gave him Kevin as his first."

A third wrote: "I'm a massive Man City fan but could not do this to my kids, but good for her!"

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Another joked: "I bet his passport application is a nightmare!"

"I would have it legally changed as soon as I turned 18," someone else wrote.

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