My husband bought me a £20k mummy makeover – he put iton credit cards and trolls say I’ve ruined my body but I love it

A MUM left feeling unhappy with her body after childbirth is now completely unrecognisable – after begging her partner to buy her a new BODY.

Stunning Jennifer from Ballston Spa, a village in New York, was fed up with looking fat and flabby.

After a frustrating cycle of putting on and losing weight, Jennifer was left with a shelf of excess skin, and a belly button that she said looked like a ‘vagina’.

So, to make herself feel better about her body, Jenner had a ‘mummy makeover’.

If you haven't heard of this procedure, Jennifer had a tummy tuck, lipo-360 and a breast lift. 

And this makeover didn’t come cheap…

The whole procedure cost a whopping $20,000.

But Jennifer didn’t pay outright for the procedure and instead her husband bought it for her – but he used care credit and financed it, making it just under $200 a month.

Jennifer’s husband said “I’ll pay for the mummy makeover if you really want to have it done!”

She explained: “He knew how bad I wanted this for me!”

Jennifer has posted several videos of her mummy makeover video to her TikTok account ‘jlohomes518’.

She explained the procedures she had done, showed regular updates after the operation and asked users questions. 

Her page now has a whopping 215.7k likes. 

Jennifer was 5 ft 3” and 268 pounds before she had her mummy makeover. 

Jennifer explained: “I had three things done – I had a tummy tuck, I had lipo-360, then I had a breast lift and they took the fat from my lipo and put it into my breasts to make them more full. 

“I’m 37 years-old, I have a 13 year-old that I delivered naturally, gained a lot of weight with that, then lost weight, then I gained a lot of weight again and then lost weight and basically by the time I decided to get the mummy makeover my body was a total warzone down there so anything is an improvement.”

Jennifer had the operation in New York at the Williams Center by Dr. Alain Polynice. 

Jennifer said: “These videos are for the ladies who feel alone, who feel like they’re not worth it.

“I just want you to know that I see you, that you are worth every ounce of being happy, whatever that is and please stop trying to make everyone else happy and start focusing on yourself, because I waited way too long to find my happy and I wasted a lot of time.

“Finding happiness and self love has been my key to success!!

“Happy, healthy and living my best life.

“Remember to love yourself and know you’re worth it.”

When asked how Jennifer feels after her procedure, she said: “It feels great! 

“I finally feel like a sexy lady!!” 


In one of Jennifer’s videos, she addresses questions that people have asked her about the mommy makeover.

She explained: “They say for two weeks you can’t work, for four weeks you can’t work out.”

When asked “Do you still have feeling in your nipples?” she responded with “Sure do!”.

Another user asked her “Did you lose weight before your surgery?” to which she said “Yes 100 pounds since 2015, 25 pounds this summer.” 

The question we all want the answer to, one person asked “Was it painful?”, to which Jennifer said “No, just felt some pressure and some soreness.” 

When it came to the pain, Jennifer explained: “Lipo was the worst of the three things I had done but it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be.” 

Many TikTok users were impressed with Jennifer’s makeover and were keen to know more about the procedures.

Jennifer advised: “Do your research and you will find that everything that was done to me was done properly and beautifully. 

“Best thing I could suggest is to do your research, go to the consultation, ask your questions and also let the doctor tell you what they suggest.

“I originally thought that I wanted implants, he told me I didn’t need them. 

“When you go and talk to them they know exactly what we mean when we say ‘mummy makeover’.

“They will let you know if your body needs it or not.”

When asked about the healing process, Jennifer said: “I am healing great and I’ve actually healed more than most people at this point, so I’m doing perfectly. 

“All of my stuff is going fantastic.”

One person said: “That’s fabulous! What a confidence boost that must be.” 

Another added: “I would love to have this done!” 

A third commented: “You look amazing. I had it done three years ago and no regrets.” 

We think Jennifer looks absolutely fabulous after her mummy makeover, but there were mainly people leaving nasty comments about her belly button.

Jennifer said: “There are some nasty things that people are saying in the comments so if you want some entertainment you can look in there – I find it hilarious.”

One user said: “You look amazing but your scar is too high, your belly button sucks and you got botched.” 

Another commented: “The belly button is entirely way too high.” 

To these comments, Jennifer responded: “So let’s talk about belly buttons.

“Fun fact is when you get a tummy tuck they don’t actually relocate your belly button, they actually just create a new hole for the belly button to go through.

“So this, seen here [shows her belly before surgery], was my belly button but it sat incredibly low due to the excess skin and fat.

“Fun fact, you could actually fit your entire finger in my belly button hole.

“Also a fun fact, I had a belly button ring when I was 16 that got infected and then the skin rotted off and then it healed to look like a labia.

“So, my belly button had a vagina on top of it. I had a vagina belly button, so anything is better than what I had.

“I would literally tape a Cheerio to my stomach right now and say that it’s an improvement to what was there, so I am very happy with my new belly button.”

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